Open water sites 

Accessible, non- grid connected, real-sea testing

The Test Sites

We operate three open water test sites, each providing accessible, non-grid connected, real- sea testing.

The sites are all located within or adjacent to the Milford Haven waterway, allowing you to test quickly and cheaply.

META provides a stepping stone from tank testing to commercial projects and supports ambitions for the UK to continue to be a global leader in marine renewable energy production.

Site 6 - Warrior Way

Tidal Test Site

Site 7 - Dale Roads

Wave Test Site

Site 8 - East Pickard Bay

Wave and Floating Wind Test Site

What support is there in pembrokeshire?

Pembrokeshire already has a diverse energy supply chain specialising in marine energy, petrochemicals, liquified natural gas, manufacturing and marine operations. 

Our team is also on hand to help support you and your project.

a Pembrokeshire coastal forum project

META is an important part of PCF’s marine renewable energy programme, alongside the projects below.

Marine Energy Wales

a membership organisation representing renewable energy developers, technology developers, suppliers, academia and the public sector. The META & Marine Energy Wales teams work hand in hand.

Celtic Sea Developer Alliance

a tier within marine energy wales membership for those with a specific interest in developing floating offshore wind projects in the Celtic Sea.


a suite of open-source decision support tools, facilitating efficient project development in Wales and Ireland.