Quayside sites 

Easy access, low-risk sites, adjacent to port infrastructure

The Test Sites

We operate five quayside test sites, each providing an easy access, low risk area for testing marine energy equipment.

The sites are all accessible via existing port infrastructure, enabling you to monitor and evaluate performance tests easily, and retrieve equipment quickly.

The sites cover a range of water depths and utilise existing infrastructure. They can cater for various testing scenarios. 


Site 1 - Carr Jetty

Site 2 - Mainstay quay

Site 3 - Ferryside

Site 4 - Quay 1

Site 5 - Criterion Jetty

open water sites

What support is there in pembrokeshire?

Pembrokeshire already has a diverse energy supply chain specialising in marine energy, petrochemicals, liquified natural gas, manufacturing and marine operations. 

Our team is also on hand to help support you and your project.

a Pembrokeshire coastal forum project

META is an important part of PCF’s marine renewable energy programme, alongside the projects below.

Marine Energy Wales

a membership organisation representing renewable energy developers, technology developers, suppliers, academia and the public sector. The META & Marine Energy Wales teams work hand in hand.

Celtic Sea Developer Alliance

a tier within marine energy wales membership for those with a specific interest in developing floating offshore wind projects in the Celtic Sea.


a suite of open-source decision support tools, facilitating efficient project development in Wales and Ireland.