Our mission

Non-grid connected; META is an ideal test facility for early-developers and a perfect base for research and innovation. 

Our mission is to reduce the time, cost and risks associated with the deployment and commercialisation of marine energy technologies.

We work alongside and complement the existing test centre network across the UK, including the two Welsh Demonstration Zones.

Our test sites

With eight pre-consented sites located in and around the Milford Haven Waterway, META aims to de-risk the development of marine energy projects by providing the opportunity to test devices, sub-assemblies and components. The sites are accessible yet still representative of real sea environments. 

Why Wales?

Wales is an ideal base for marine energy developers with its excellent wave resource, strong tidal currents, experienced supply chain, port facilities and grid connection.

What Drives Us

Climate Change

Welsh Government committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Economic Development

22,600 jobs in the marine energy industry across the UK by 2040

Coastal Communities

50-60% of the economic benefits created by marine energy are expected to be seen in rural, coastal areas

a Pembrokeshire coastal forum project

META is an important part of PCF's marine renewable energy programme, alongside the projects below.

Marine Energy Wales

a membership organisation representing renewable energy developers, technology developers, suppliers, academia and the public sector. The META & Marine Energy Wales teams work hand in hand.

Celtic Sea Developer Alliance

a tier within marine energy wales membership for those with a specific interest in developing floating offshore wind projects in the Celtic Sea.


a suite of open-source decision support tools, facilitating efficient project development in Wales and Ireland.