With over 10 years’ experience in the Marine Renewables Industry, the META team can assist users with a range of project support services necessary to develop, deploy and test innovative solutions for the marine renewable industry.

Project Lifecycle Support

Project Lifecycle Support


From initial approach through to detailed project planning, the META team are familiar with potential project partners, processes and pipeline for deployment.

Grant Funding Bid Support
The META team can signpost you towards the various funding options available in Wales and can provide support in bids.

Project Management

Working with pre-defined budgets and programme expectations, the META team can assist with getting your test programme through the stages of development, de-risking and deployment.

META benefits from pre-consented status provided your project parameters fit within our project design envelope.
Operational Management
Interfacing with key project partners, META can support the management of your test programme operations.
Site Permitting and Risk Management Systems
META has systems in place to support you throughout your deployments, ensuring you adhere to regulatory requirements.
Marketing and Building Brand Awareness
META can support the promotion of your project and assist in increasing the visibility of your brand.

Springboard to Demonstrating Technologies at Welsh Demonstration Zone

META has excellent relationships with the Morlais Demonstration Zone in Anglesey and the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone and can facilitate your journey to either.

Data Support
Through its key project partners META can provide a range of data support including wave, tidal and bathy modelling as well as raw data sets.
Technical Support
Through our partnership with ORE Catapult MEECE, META can fill the technical support gap to provide specialist knowledge, experience and capability for the benefit of the marine energy industry.
Supply Chain
The META team can help put you in touch with local and pan Wales experienced supply chain companies with specialised skills to bring your project through the development life cycle.
Business Development
The META team can support the development of your business through bespoke advice and guidance.
Stakeholder and Community Engagement
With a locally based team, META can support and advise in engaging with coastal communities.
Marine Energy Hub Office Facilities
Office space is available within the META offices for those seeking to establish themselves in Pembrokeshire.
Business Development
The META team can support the development of your business through bespoke advice and guidance.

Support Pricing

We work with a range of third parties to deliver the support detailed above and pricing varies depending on individual project needs.

META forms part of a much larger Swansea Bay City Deal project, Pembroke Dock Marine.

Looking for a test site?

If you have a marine energy project that you are looking to test please get in touch.