META quayside – Phase 1

A unique UK offering of accessible test sites directly adjacent to Port Infrastructure

Test Sites

These sites provide an unparalleled easy access, low risk area for testing marine energy equipment. This offers the ability to monitor and evaluate performance tests easily, as well as being able to adjust device parameters and retrieve equipment quickly. This means you can repeatedly deploy at low costs, learning lessons quickly to accelerate your path to commercialisation.

Sites have been identified to cover a range of water depths whilst utilising existing infrastructure, benefiting from a variety of sea conditions, META test areas can cater for different testing scenarios.

Testing Activities Supported

Component Testing

Monitoring, verification, corrosion and survivability

Operational Testing

Instruments, components and subassemblies

Dip Testing of Devices

Support structures, moorings and foundations

Research & Innovation

Supporting research, innovation & monitoring methodology projects

Deployment & Retrieval methods

Vessel approach & Recovery

Health & Safety procedures

Support & Facilities

Pembrokeshire has a diverse energy supply chain specialising in marine energy, petrochemicals, liquified natural gas, manufacturing and marine operations.

Looking for a test site?

If you have a marine energy project that you are looking to test please get in touch.