META Phase 2

Accessible, non- grid connected, real-sea testing
Sites available in 2021!

The Test Sites

META Phase 2 offers sites for accessible, non- grid connected, real- sea testing. The sites are located within or adjacent to the Milford Haven Waterway enabling lessons to be learnt quickly and cheaply.

META provides a stepping stone from tank testing to commercial projects, supporting ambitions for the UK to continue to play a global leading role in marine renewable energy.

Warrior Way

Tidal Test Site

Dale Roads

Wave Test Site

East Pickard Bay

Wave and Floating Wind Test Site

Secure your Berth

We are aiming for these sites to be open in 2021!

META’s operational test sites are still under development and the appropriate consents and licenses are currently being pursued.

Support & Facilities

In Pembrokeshire there is a diverse energy supply chain specialising in marine energy, petrochemicals, liquified natural gas, manufacturing and marine operations.

Looking for a test site?

If you have a marine energy project that you are looking to test please get in touch.